"We Ain't Givin' Up" Stories from the Road

Stories from the Road

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We traveled over 7,000 miles, played 30 live shows and 2 Canadian radio shows, hugged redwoods, sang to llamas and greyback whales, ate too many ketchup flavored potato chips (it's a Canadian thing), planted sunflower seeds at each stop, endured car breakdowns, shared a lot of laughter and some tears, saw firsthand the web of resistance rising up across this earth in creative, humble, and powerful ways,... and I can safely say: WE AIN'T GIVIN' UP.

View all four stories from Eileen & the In-Betweens "We Ain't Givin' Up" Tour 2017...

Week one: written by Colin Baillio

Weeks two & three: written by Lazarus Letcher

Week four: written by Eileen Shaughnessy