“There’s some brass knuckle action going on in here as a songwriter, in a very interesting way… In the song Lovers and Fighters…the refrain of that song is utterly joyful and the spirit of the song is invincible and yet (Eileen) is talking about some of the most difficult passages we are all facing as a society right now.”

—Matthew Finch, Music Director at KUNM  

“She is related to the 15th century female Irish chieftain and rebel, Grace O’Malley, known as the Pirate Queen… and she sings with a warm and sunny confidence that make you believe that however dark things may look, there is a path forward to the light.”

-Mel Minter, Albuquerque Magazine (Complete article here)

"The music of Eileen Shaughnessy has the weight of history riding alongside and speaks to subjects including feminism and racial justice with restless, wandering guitar-lines and a provocatively piquant vocal style that complements the composer's earthy concerns."

— August March, Weekly Alibi

“Although everything is alive conjures up the occasional Edie Brickell comparison—another reviewer calls The In-Betweens' music “cute-folk”—the album isn't adorable or cute in a contrived way. Add some very nice CD packaging and artwork to the 15 well-crafted songs and I don't think Shaughnessy could have done better with her second album. Well done.”

— Geoffrey Plant, Weekly Alibi Complete review here


“Eileen is a highly gifted facilitator who is seamlessly able to weave together thematic elements in a workshop setting. Her natural musical gifts and her gentle temperament ensure that each workshop participant feels positively carried through each transition and is well aware of where to be when.  Furthermore, she is able to confidently work with a variety of presenters who offer content in varied mediums and bring them together in a connected whole.  My experience with Eileen allowed me to easily integrate my spirituality with tactile rituals so that I could enter more deeply and peacefully into a space of contemplation.  Eileen is also knowledgeable and is an engaging teacher--it is clear that she is truly passionate about the content she teaches.  I would resoundingly recommend her for workshop facilitation and teaching--what she brings as a person will allow participants to truly engage with and become excited about the material and workshop theme!”

— Sonja Ausen-Anifrani, Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality, Saint Paul, Minnesota


“Our guests had lots of compliments on the music :) It was just what we were looking for.”

— Jeannette and Adam Ho