Eileen will join Lydia Violet & the Bones on a Summer 2019 tour of Ireland & UK!

Eileen is honored to be joining Oakland-based musician Lydia Violet on a 3 week tour of Ireland, Scotland, and England from July 25-August 11th, 2019. Eileen will open with original music and also play guitar and sing with Lydia’s band “The Bones.”

Lydia Violet is an accomplished Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist weaving together Southern roots & Iranian folk music traditions. With her live band she combines stunning arrangements of fiddle, banjo, and luscious harmonies to offer a soul-folk revival experience, participating in a fresh wave of protest music. In the past year she has collaborated with Climbing PoeTree, Ayla Nereo, and MaMuse, and runs the Oakland-based Music As Medicine Project.